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Folding Paper

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In Sacred Geometry, a piece of paper represents a 2 dimensional surface. However, in reality, paper has a thickness and so it is a 3D object. This means the paper is subject to the limitations of our 3D world, as are all objects with a length, depth, and breadth.

A 2D object is non-tangible to our senses.

We are only able to perceive 3D.

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Correct answer: As big as the Universe

The Observable Universe is 93 billion light years in diameter. The thickness of the paper doubles with each fold, starting with a sheet that is 0.1mm thick.

  1. 42 folds and the paper thickness will reach the Moon (384,400 km)
  2. 51 folds and the paper thickness will reach to the Sun (149.6 million km)
  3. 66 folds and the thickness will be size of our Solar System (4 light years/ 287.46 billion km)
  4. 103 folds will be 93 billion light years, as big as the Observable Universe!

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