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Drawing Compass

The drawing compass or just simply compass is used to draw circles/arcs or measuring distances.  It has two arms, one with a sharp point/needle, the other with a pencil. These are connected at the top by a hinge allowing them to pivot. There are also a couple more things to know about the compass parts, just hover over the image to learn about them.

Compass Needle
Pencil Holder
Steady Leg
Adjustable Leg
Adjusting nut
Locking Wheel (optional)

✍ Before you continue, make sure you have access to a compass.

Compasses come in all sorts of sizes, but aside from that there are two main types:

Drawing Compass

Flexible Compass

A flexible compass can be easily altered, which is great if you want to quickly switch between larger and smaller circles.

Bow Compass

Fixed Compass

Also called a Bow compass, this one comes with a wheel in between the arms. This can be adjusted to a fixed radius – great for higher accuracy, beginners, and children.


? The Best Setup

Ideally, we should use two compasses, one that is fixed and another that is flexible.  When drawing Sacred Geometry we will return to the first original compass opening, that acts as the scale for our work.

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