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Root Numbers

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Root Numbers

When the same number is multiplied together it’s called ‘squaring’. The opposite of this is ‘square root’. A root is the division by a number that is equal to the result of the division. For example:

✍ Notice, that number 9 is divided by 3, with the result equating to 3 again.

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Correct answer: 

Whenever we see the √ symbol in front of a number, it actually represents the square root of that number:

Try it yourself, then click the image:

  • Type 9 ÷ 3 into the calculator and check the answer.
  • Type 9, press the squared root button (√) and check the answer.

✍ If you are using a scientific calculator you may need to press the button first, followed by the number 9, and then press the equals (=) button.