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The Opening

The Opening

When we first open the compass, we are dividing the dot. This creates a space, we call ONE. Just as everything in the Universe is relative, the same is true of Sacred Geometry. It actually does not matter how big or small you open the compass. The larger the opening, the larger the size of the final Mandala.

We recommend a distance of roughly 3.5 cm (or 2inches) for an A4 page. Just make sure that once you have decided on a certain distance, keep it until you take another measurement from the Mandala itself.

Through opening the compass you have created the 2nd geometric form.

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Correct answer: Line

Let’s clarify the definitions of a line, a ray and a segment.

A Line

A line has a defined start and end, defined by the pencil tip and compass point.

A Ray

A ray begins at a specific point and extends in a single direction into infinity. This is similar to the infinite line of positive whole numbers.

A Segment

A segment is an infinite line that has no start or endpoint and it can pass through one or more nodes.

Imagine an infinite segment. If the line bends, even to the slightest degree, it will at some point form a circle.

William W. Williams