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Prepare the compass

Prepare the Compass

To set up the compass correctly, it is important to place the pencil tip and the compass point together to form a single point. Fix the pencil with the adjusting nut, and you are ready to begin!

Once the pencil is inserted into the compass you have created the first geometric form.

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Correct answer: Dot

Let’s clarify the definitions of a dot, point and node.

The Dot

A dot represents the zero dimension and is not connected to any form. Adding up an infinite number of dots in one direction will create a line.

The Point

When we place the compass on a point on the line we choose one of these dots over the rest. Should this be at either end of the line, it is called an endpoint.

The Diameter

When two or more lines (curves) intersect, we call it a node. Here, we find two dots superimposed over each other. Adding more lines or curves will add more dots to the node respectively.

When we look at it, almost everyone agrees the Universe emerged out of a dot. By grasping the dot, it will take us one step closer to understanding how the universe came into being.

William W. Williams