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Draw Sacred Geometry

Draw Sacred Geometry

Now that you have mastered the basic use of the compass and straight edge, we can practice some sacred geometry drawing.

1st Circle

Sacred Geometry always begins with a single circle.


In the next step, you will always draw a second circle by reversing the compass and placing it on the circumference.


Where the circles overlap, two nodes are created. From now on, we will ONLY use nodes to continue our drawing.

✍ Two equally overlapping circles create the 'Vesica Piscis' that we will learn more about in level 2.

Try and create a random piece of art using these simple Sacred Geometric principles.


We can use nodes to draw more circles.

Lines & Segments

We can use nodes to create lines and segments.

New Measures

We can use nodes to create new compass radii.

As you add more circles and lines, new nodes are created that can be used in our mandala. You can use colour to make the final image more beautiful. Once you have finished, take a picture and upload it to your workbook.

Need more inspiration? Check out these examples from other academy members:

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In Sacred Geometry there is no randomness, in this way, we are able to see through the Maya to the reality that lies beyond.

William W. Williams
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