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The Colour Wheel

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The Colour Wheel

With any type of material, it can be tempting to grab as many colors as possible. But really, it is better to limit the colors and work systematically to make the mandala more balanced. The colour wheel is a great help to see what colours work together. Previously, we have learned how 3 prime colours (red, blue and yellow) create 3 secondary colours (orange, green and pruple). From this, the colour wheel is generated adding another layer of tertiary colours. Complementary colours are positioned opposite each other, such as red and green, yellow and purple or blue and orange. This combination is interesting if you want to use the Mandala for Meditation.

To understand the colour wheel better, let’s try and create our own version. If you need help, refer to the image above.


Step 1

Print out the colour wheel template.

Step 2

Fill the inner spaces first with the prime colours, red, blue and yellow.

Step 3

Fill in the secondary colours, and complete the outsude circle, adding also tertiary colours.

✍ Alternatively, you can also create the colour wheel from the Seed of Life template.

Have a look at the colour wheel and start off with a controlled scheme in mind maybe with just two or three colours. You can obviously choose any colors you want, whether they’re in the same color family or contrasting. You can even use just one color in multiple shades, but it helps to plan ahead and stick to a theme.

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