Atomic Geometry Online Course

The best way to grasp the atom is to build it.


This course introduces the foundations for the theory of Atomic Geometry.

Complete all 13 lessons and produce a 3D model of the Electron cloud that you can hold in your hand. This online course provides full drawing instructions, and downloadable templates that are simple enough for everyone to follow.

From the construction of a simple triangle, to the formation of a Great Rhombi-Cuboctahedron, this course will provide you with all the techniques needed to create a model atom using just a compass and straight edge.

As you progress through the construction, you will learn about some of the key elements and how they relate to life, biological functions, magnetism, and even light. Each lesson build upon the forms created so complete a perfectly nested set of solids, that acts like a geometric Russian Doll. Once complete there are a few additional models that demonstrate how various geometric functions work to convey the electron energy into discreet shells.

As an additional bonus, the course includes the templates derived from the Metatron’s Cube, a mandala that accurately depicts the 2D projection of the various Platonic and Archimedean Solids found within the electron cloud.

This course is truly one of a kind, offering participants a simple and effective way to grasp the intricacies of the atomic structure in a tactile and fun way.

This course is suitable for both adults and teenagers, and may also be enjoyed by younger children with parental guidance.

Language: English

What you will learn:

  • Components of the Atom
  • Electron orbitals: S, P, D & F
  • Geometric expression of the Electron cloud

What you will do:

  • Draw Atomic Geometry in 2D
  • Create a 3D model of the Atom
  • Play with geometric transformations

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Course Includes

  • 13 Pages
  • 83 Topics
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