What we teach?

It's all about numbers...

The Da Vinci school integrates the 7 Liberal Arts of the first school of higher education invented by Ancient Greece: The Quadrivium is all about number; geometry, music, astronomy and arithmetic, the Trivium about the word; grammar, rhetoric and logic. Primarily focussed on the Quadrivium, the subjects in our curriculum are intended to stimulate both, the logical and creative side of the brain to unlock our full potential.

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The Quadrivium

Numbers in Space


Geometry is the expression of numbers in space and is related with distance, shape, size, and relative position of figures. The practise of Geometry builds the core of our teaching experience as it is a visual tool.

Numbers in Time


Music is more intangible than geometry and is experienced by our sense of hearing. At the foundation of music theory lies a mathematical construct that reveals strong similarity to geometry, expressed as numbers in time.

Numbers in Space-Time


The Ancient Greeks were always fascinated about the sky, where planets are rotating around their orbits in space-time. The laws of planetary bodies that are at play on large scales give us glimpses about a universal construct.

Pure Number


Numbers themselves are abstract, yet they are the foundation of everything. Uncovering the underlying code of reality leads us to a deep philosophical quest to answer some of the greatest questions about the Universe.

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Our Curriculum

New methodology

Merging the 7 Liberal Arts in their original form with the subjects and research of today, the Da Vinci school presents a unique approach to education. Everything is based on geometric thinking. In this way, all content has a slight twist of perception that helps to see the bigger picture. We have integrated many new concepts developed by In2Infinity in a format that is accessible for everyone.


For a solid foundation in geometry we will explore the properties of space from 2D to 5D. This includes the transformation of form, fractal geometry, inverse geometry, the Platonic and Archimedean Solids, the torus and hypercube.


Unraveling the mystery of numbers such as Pi, the Golden and Silver Ratio, Root numbers, Fibonacci and Pandova numbers, the Plastic number, infinity and zero and learn to see the pattern of a universal code.

The Arts

Get inspired and immerse yourself in the creation of art. Draw Mandalas and geometric designs while learning about colour theory, music and resonance. See the beauty and harmony of light and sound unfolding.


From Quantum Physics to Astrophysics, discover the atomic structure, the nature of light, gravity and some of the most fundamental scientific laws and constants that describe our Universe.


Comprehend the mechanisms of molecular bonding based on the nature of geometry and sound. This will shed new light on the structure of molecules and their behaviour in chemical reactions.


From molecular biology to ecology, this field encompasses the bodily functions such as DNA, proteins, fats, ATP and immunity to the biogeochemical processes that power life on earth.


Religious texts, philosophical thinking and spiritual practise come together to enhance our perception of who we are. With meditations, visualisations and energy work, we elevate our consciousness on an individual and global level.


Today's scientific views on the world are based on the discoveries that have been made throughout the ages. Analyse theories as they were developed in the context of time and apply logic and reasoning (trivium) to gain a fresh perspective on existing data.


Apply geometric mind mapping in business and personal development. With a variety of mind maps for business planning, vision mapping, and finances, we utilise process architecture systems with the goal for an harmonic economy.

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Much of the curriculum is being approached by In 2 Infinity‘s Geometric theory. Over 150 courses are currently in development, providing monthly training to build an international team of teachers to deliver the content for different audiences, languages and times. We are looking to release a new course each week, check out available courses. However, if a subject particularly interests you that is not released yet, please contact us to enquire for a private class. We also welcome collaborations with educational establishments.